SleepCube Range by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

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SleepCube Range by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
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The SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Auto CPAP has the same great features and design that made the regular SleepCube so popular, but they've now added SmartFlex exhalation relief. This allows it to reduce the pressure during exhalation, making it more natural and comfortable. Add this to a feature list that includes quiet operation, a compact design, the option to add one of the most convenient humidifiers available and a three-year warranty and you have one of the best all-round machines available.


The SleepCube range has long been a popular option. Now DeVilbiss have improved it further, but adding exhalation relief in the form of SmartFlex – a system that makes exhalation easier, more natural and more comfortable. It has turned an excellent CPAP machine into an outstanding one. The SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus retains the design and features that made the regular version so popular, but adds SmartFlex technology to take CPAP therapy to the next level.

Distributing respiratory medical products in over 100 countries across the world, DeVilbiss are world leaders in the design and manufacture of clinical and homecare therapy products. Their new SleepCube range (called IntelliPAP in the US) is the result of years of experience with sleep apnoea therapy products worldwide. Focusing on the demands of the present-day patient, the SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Auto-CPAP (also referred to as APAP) is small, looks great in any bedroom and has all the features one expects in a top of the range variable pressure PAP device. It is also the quietest machine we have ever supplied our patients.

SmartFlex – Easier, Comfortable, Natural Exhalation

SmartFlex allows for easier, more natural exhalationExhalation relief technology has been used by several CPAP manufacturers, but DeVilbiss' SmartFlex system takes it to a new level. You can customise both how much relief you want, and how sharp you want the transition between inhalation and exhalation to be. You can opt for a drop in pressure of either 1cm, 2cm or 3cm, and there are five stages of transition to choose from – between sharp (very quick drops and increases) to smooth (much slower change). That leaves you with 15 possible combinations, ensuring that whatever level of relief you require there's a setting perfect for you.

The SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus is an automatic CPAP machine, and as such has all the benefits of variable pressure. The SleepCube advanced sensors are able to detects exactly how much pressure you need at any given time, and can foresee apnoeas developing and increase the pressure to avoid them. This means that you will often have a lower pressure than you would with a fixed pressure as it only rises when you need it. Many CPAP users find that this allows to drift off quicker and gives them more comfortable therapy during the night. Because of the advanced sensors found in the AutoAdjust Plus, you can also get more detailed compliance readings from your SmartCodes.

SmartCodes makes feedback easy

Almost all Auto CPAP systems have data recording capabilities – the difference with the Sleepcube is just how easy it is to access that information. There's no need to buy a memory card or expensive software – you simply display your SmartCodes on the systems display, email us your codes, and we can tell you what they mean. Want to know how effective your therapy is being? It's as easy as emailing us a few digits and we'll give you the results. The best bit? There's no charge for this service – Intus provide it for free as part of their outstanding after sales service.

The SleepCube Humidifier takes up no additional space

The most convenient humidifier available

If you wish to add humidification to your SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus, you can take advantage of arguably the most intelligently designed humidifier available – the SleepCube Humidifier. Available seperately, the Sleepcube Auto Plus simply sits on top of the humidifier, meaning that it still has the same small footprint on your bedside table. No need to find any extra space to accommodate it! The design also means the air inlet then sits higher, helping prevent it from sucking in dust that can gather on surfaces. If you find yourself waking up with a dry mouth or find the air uncomfortably cold, that a humidifier solves this provides by adding warm moisture to the air supply. The SleepCube Humidifier's water chamber is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Using CPAP on your travels? Look no further

The SleepCube's compact size makes it an ideal travel option. It can be powered using a 12V cable (available separately) allowing you to use it in a car, on a boat or in a caravan. Its auto-adjusting power supply means it can accept any mains voltage between 100-240V, meaning you can use it in almost any country across the globe. It comes supplied with a carry bag making transportation easy and comfortable.

Three year warranty gives peace of mind

DeVilbiss offer a three years warranty with their SleepCubes, such is their confidence in its build quality and longevity. The industry leading warranty means you buy with peace of mind.

What's in the box?

The DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus APAP comes complete with:

  • Auto pressure adjusting PAP device
  • Travel Bag
  • 6ft / 183cm Hose
  • Washable Foam Filter
  • Disposable Fine Particle Filter
  • Patient Manual

SleepCube Specifications

  • CPAP Dimensions (H x W x L without Humidifier): 4.3" x 6.5" x 7" (10.8cm x 16.5cm x 17.8cm)
  • Unit Weight: 2.7 lbs (1.2kg)
  • Humidifier adds ~7cm / 2.6" Height
  • Electrical Ratings: 50-60Hz, 100-240V AC
  • Operating Pressure: 3-20cm H2O
  • Sound Level Max. Power Consumption: 65W from AC power source (flow generator only - not with humidifier)

Additional Information

SKU / Code DV54UK-P Trade
Manufacturer Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
Product Specifications No
What's Included No
Useful Links No
A.K.A. No
Primary Mode(s) CPAP, Auto-CPAP (APAP), Auto-BiPAP
Supported PAP Modes No
Pressure Type No
Operating Pressure Range No
Weight (machine only) N/A
PAP Dimensions (Standalone) cm H x cm W x cm L - in H x in W x in L
Menu Languages No
DVD Included No
Mask Included No
Blower Operation Meter No
Usage Compliance Meter No
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years - excluding consumable parts, such as filters and tubing
User Manual Included Yes
User Manual Languages No
Clinician Manual Included No
Manufacturer's Help Lines No
Made In No
CE Marked Yes
Humidifier Capacity No
Humidifier Controls No
Humidifier Heat Levels No
Humidifier Integration No
Humidification Options No
Humidifier Power Source No
PAP Dimensions (w/ Humidifier) cm H x cm W x cm L - in H x in W x in L
Tube Included No
Heated Tube Included No
Tube Length 6ft / 183cm
Tube Length Settings No
Applicable Filter Types No
Coarse Filters Included No
High Efficiency Fine Filters Included No
Washable Filters No
Electrical Ratings No
Max Power Consumption W from AC
Power Cord Included No
Power Supply Type No
Multi-Voltage Power Switching No
AC to DC Switch No
DC Option No
DC Battery Comments No
Lit Buttons No
Lit Display No
Ramp/Delay Method 0.5 hPa/cm H2O increments, 0-45 minutes
Events Pressure Adjusted On No
Sound Level dB(A)
Carry Bag Features No
Fault Notifications No
Maintenance Reminders No
Altitude Compensation No
Pressure Displayed Actual Current Pressure
Pressure Accuracy No
Mask On Power On Automatically No
Mask Off Power Down Automatically No
Mask Fit Alerts No
Automatic Mask Leak Compensation No
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