Nuance & Nuance Pro Gel Nasal Pillows Masks by Philips Respironics

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Nuance & Nuance Pro Gel Nasal Pillows Masks by Philips Respironics
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Need a replacement part for your Philips Respironics Nuance or Nuance Pro CPAP mask? You'll find it here. All available parts are listed on this page, so if what you are looking for is not listed here then that particular part is unlikely to be available by itself. If you wish to purchase an entire replacement Nuance or Nuance Pro mask, then you can do so here.



With the Nuance and Nuance Pro, Philips Respironics are continuing to set the standard in CPAP therapy by utilising the comfort and sealing power of gel in a nasal pillow mask. With the choice of a soft cloth or silicon frame with gel pads, the Nuance and Nuance Pro could be the most comfortable mask you’ve ever worn.

This revolutionary development is a new choice for customers looking for a comfortable yet familiar feel. The innovative gel nasal pillows seal the opening of the nose to deliver the therapy pressure. The soft and flexible gel ring comes in three sizes and conforms to the shape of the nose.

The Nuance and Nuance Pro’s elbow connection features micro exhalation ports to both soften and quieten the exhalation stream, reducing the chance of the therapy disturbing you or your partner’s sleep.

The Nuance comes with a lightweight flexible cloth frame that offers a comfortable soft fit and will leave you with fewer marks from a night of CPAP therapy. The gel nasal pillow is secured in place on the frame with a built in retaining ring.

With the Nuance Pro the headgear is a gel-padded frame made from flexible clear silicone. The gel pads are permanently fastened to the frame and positioned at the cheek, cushioning the area. The headgear is designed with Velcro closure tabs which attach to slots in the silicone frame.

The Nuance and Nuance Pro short tube is highly flexible and lightweight. The tube creates a buffer between the long hose and gel nasal pillow allowing for greater movement during sleep without disrupting the seal and your overall CPAP experience.

The nasal pillow design means no forehead support to obstruct your view allowing you to read or watch TV while preparing for sleep.

As well as all this, the lightweight Nuance and Nuance Pro are made of only 4 parts, making them extremely easy to clean and maintain. If travelling with your CPAP equipment, the lightweight frame can easily be packed without the fear of it being damaged like some hard mask frames. Should you need to replace any part of the mask, they are all available to order through your supplier.

With the revolutionary gel nasal cushions, lightweight mask and frames, the Nuance and Nuance Pro are truly an outstanding development in CPAP therapy.


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