DreamStation Range by Philips Respironics

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DreamStation Range by Philips Respironics
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DreamStation Range

DreamStation BiPAP S Auto BiLevel Machine

SKU: GBX500S15 Trade

The DreamStation range from Philips Respironics represents the latest in PAP technology. From bluetooth connectivity to automatic temperature adjustment in the optional humidifier, the DreamStation features numerous new features and refinements of existing ones to provide a truly patient-focused range of CPAP machines. Sleek, user friendly and highly effective, the DreamStation is unquestionably one of the most advanced CPAP machines ever made.


Reduced size, modern design

The DreamStation range of CPAP machines are notably smaller and lighter than they System One predecessors. The main DreamStation units themselves weigh around 15% less than their System One equivalents - already favoured for their compact size. This allows you to travel more easily with your CPAP machine, and short of opting for a dedicated second machine for travel, the DreamStation represents arguably the best combination of size, features and performance available.

Tracking your CPAP therapy has never been easier

Philips Respironics have made allowing patients to keep on top of their therapy a top priority with the DreamStation range. As a result, the DreamStation provides to most ways of allowing patients to view their sleep data that we've seen. As usual, the data can be downloaded from the SD card (included) by your healthcare provider. However the full colour display also means you can access the important statistics on the machine itself. Thirdly, if you have a compatible iOS or Android smart device (not included) then you can use the DreamMapper app to view more in-depth statistics and data graphs. It is certainly the most comprehensive, focus-focussed data reporting feature set we've seen in a CPAP machine to date. If the DreamMapper app is of interest then we recommend checking compatibility with your device prior to purchase. The App Store link for Apple devices can be found here, while the Android Play Store link is here.

Important: The DreamMapper App is not available in every country. In Europe, it is currently is is available in the UK, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland at the time of writing. If you live outside of these countries it may not be available to download, though you can still return your SD card to us for analysis instead. However Philips are working on rolling the App out to additional countries, so please see if your country is listed on the drop-down box on this page to see if it has been made available for your country.

Optimised humidification temperatures

As with most CPAP machines, the DreamStation machines can be coupled with a humidifier if desired. The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is available separately and can be found here. As is the norm, the DreamStation Heated Humidifier has various temperature settings that you can adjust to suit. However it also features and Adaptive mode, which monitors the ambient humidity of the room and adjust the temperature of the water accordingly. No guesswork or trial and error required - you can rest knowing that you should be getting the right level of humidification regardless. The DreamStation Heated Humidifier slots neatly onto the main unit and shares the same power supply, so there's no need for a second wall socket. If you are unsure if you need a humidifier or not, then you can read our guide here. If you did wish to purchase the DreamStation Heated Humidifier, then you can add it to your order here.

Auto Start and Stop

The DreamStation Auto can detect if and when you start or stop using your CPAP machine. If you need a toilet break during the night, for example, you do not need to worry about fumbling about for the right button. Simply take your mask off and the machine will power down, and once it detects your breathing again it will resume automatically. This is another small feature which, when added to the other little touches Philips have added, show how patient-focussed the DreamStation is. Please be aware that this feature is actually disabled as standard, so do let us know prior to dispatch if you would like us to enable this for you.

Never forget to change your filters

Modern CPAP machine requires no maintaince other than regular changing of the filters. Many patients do not realise how important this actually is; clogged filters can reduce the performance of the machine and over time the filters will start to disintegrate. It is therefore important to keep on top of this as directed; and the DreamStation range now has automatic reminders when each filters is approaching the end of its lifespan.

Exhalation relief for exhanced comfort

Philips Respironics pioneered exhalation relief technology, which sees the machine lower the pressure it is providing slightly when the patient is breathing out. This allows the patient to exhale against less pressure; making it easier and more comfortable. Phillips have further refined their A-Flex functionality (their name for exhalation relief) to make the transitions between inhalation and exhalation smoother and more natural than ever before.


Additional Information

SKU / Code GBX500S15 Trade
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
Product Specifications No
What's Included No
Useful Links No
A.K.A. No
Primary Mode(s) CPAP, Auto-CPAP (APAP), Auto-BiPAP
Supported PAP Modes CPAP, Auto-CPAP (APAP), Auto-BiPAP
Pressure Type No
Operating Pressure Range No
Weight (machine only) N/A
PAP Dimensions (Standalone) cm H x cm W x cm L - in H x in W x in L
Menu Languages No
DVD Included No
Mask Included No
Blower Operation Meter No
Usage Compliance Meter No
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 years - excluding consumable parts, such as filters, tubing and water chamber (if applicable)
User Manual Included Yes
User Manual Languages No
Clinician Manual Included No
Manufacturer's Help Lines No
Made In No
CE Marked Yes
Humidifier Capacity No
Humidifier Controls No
Humidifier Heat Levels No
Humidifier Integration No
Humidification Options No
Humidifier Power Source No
PAP Dimensions (w/ Humidifier) cm H x cm W x cm L - in H x in W x in L
Tube Included No
Heated Tube Included No
Tube Length 6ft / 183cm
Tube Length Settings No
Applicable Filter Types No
Coarse Filters Included No
High Efficiency Fine Filters Included No
Washable Filters No
Electrical Ratings No
Max Power Consumption W from AC
Power Cord Included No
Power Supply Type No
Multi-Voltage Power Switching No
AC to DC Switch No
DC Option No
DC Battery Comments No
Lit Buttons No
Lit Display No
Ramp/Delay Method 0.5 hPa/cm H2O increments, 0-45 minutes
Events Pressure Adjusted On No
Sound Level dB(A)
Carry Bag Features No
Fault Notifications No
Maintenance Reminders No
Altitude Compensation No
Pressure Displayed Actual Current Pressure
Pressure Accuracy No
Mask On Power On Automatically No
Mask Off Power Down Automatically No
Mask Fit Alerts No
Automatic Mask Leak Compensation No
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