Intus Healthcare: Sleep therapy products for Sleep Apnoea sufferers

NHS and trade supplies

Intus continue to grow our accounts with NHS Hospitals and Sleep Clinics. Today, we work closely with many sleep services across the UK offering the latest technology developments and one of the largest ranges of PAP machines and consumables available. There has been a dramatic increase in the awareness of sleep-disordered breathing in the UK, but sleep services are also seeing a large increase in their work loads because of it. Intus understand Patient's and Clinic's needs and provide quick solutions to therapy challenges with equipment that is suitable, offers high compliance and is high quality. Below are a few reasons why numerous leading Hospitals and Sleep Clinics rely on Intus for their equipment needs:


  Intus provide innovative products like the SleepWeaver cloth mask range and one of the world’s smallest CPAP machines, the Transcend - products that push boundaries and challenge perceptions in sleep therapy. 


Throughout the year Intus are present at numerous patient days, conferences and trade shows allowing patients and clinicians alike to meet us in person and get hands-on with our large range of sleep therapy products.


With more than ten years supplying sleep equipment and services, Intus have built a reputation for reliability and trust. We supply over 150 UK hospitals / clinics on a regular basis and are members of the ARTP SAC.


As a distributor rather than a manufacturer, our range of products is uniquely diverse. Intus represent almost all of the major (and many other) brands in sleep therapy from around the world. 


Backing up our prompt and reliable deliveries for trade orders, Intus’ customer service team are always available to offer advice or answer any product specific enquiries by same day e-mail turnaround or fast phone responses.